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PC or not PC, that is the question?

It’s that time of the year again. Young adults are saying goodbye to their parents and going off into the military or college and they need some way to type of their papers, or to keep in contact through Skype, or to relax with a few games. Some people are grabbing desktops and others are looking for laptops. If you are looking for laptops here are a few that have been making the college scene quite frequently.
Dell Inspiron series is a very popular computer series among low income students or for first laptops for teens, they usually come with lower end Celeron processors but there comparable hard drive space, and abundance of RAM makes them quite speedy even if they aren’t powerful. They usually retail for about $250 dollars and can generally accomplish anything that is required of them as far as schooling is concerned. These are budget laptops with a lot of value and could be found at any store with a technology department.

The HP Envy series is a cheaper option for people who want a bit more out of their laptop. They are very thin and sometimes called “Ultra books”. They usually retail anywhere from 500 to 700 dollars and come with i5’s i7’s or the AMD equivalent. They can last for hours thanks to the 4th generation “Roswell” processors they use. When it comes to processing power these things can handle anything you through at them, but the lack of multiple cores limit them to doing one very big task at a time. Because of this, you will find gamers with these laptops as a cheaper option to other powerful laptops.

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