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3 Security Mistakes People make with their phone


Number 3

security mistake most people make with their phone is leaving Bluetooth on. Anyone with a phone, or a laptop even running Bluetooth compromising software could get into your device and steal your contacts, read your text messages, or worse- send them. People often leave them on because they have a Bluetooth microphone or headset, which is fine if it’s connected because that means hackers aren’t able to connect if a connection is already established- but just broadcasting your phone’s contents all the time is not smart.



Number 2

security mistake is not turning on the phone recovery software built into your cell phone. Services like “Where’s my iPhone”, or find my windows phone come in handy if you think your phone was lost or stolen. You don’t know how many times I have had to have someone call it for it or file a police report  when I could have just pinged it’s location. They often will lock the device down or erase it’s  contents if you  set it to do so.



 Number 1 security mistake is  not being careful with your picture messages, most people make it so that  their phone will auto download emails and picture messages as soon as they get them, this could be a  problem if they contained viruses don’t you think? Most antivirus for phones don’t work or are battery  hogs, so I don’t like them but if you are careful there is no need.

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