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5 Good Reasons to Repair Your Old Computer

Thinking about what to do with your old, broken desktop or laptop?

Some not so good ideas include:

-Having a contest between friends to see who can take it apart and put it back together the fastest. Last person to get bored wins!

-Inventing a new sport called, “Extreme Laptop Frisbee”. Everyone takes turns throwing a broken laptop to the opposing team– in the manner one would throw a Frisbee. The goal is to catch as many broken laptops possible that your opponents throw while blindfolded. The last team to go to the hospital wins!

-Vigilante crime-fighting. Create a suit of armor made from PC parts and fight crime!

Some GREAT ideas include:

1. An older computer can serve as a stand-alone media player. For example, you could use an old desktop to store all your old pictures and videos, similar to how you might store a physical photo-album or collection of home videos. In addition, if you hook up speakers and a remote to the old machine, you can use it to play music from your personal playlist. This way, you don’t have to use extra resources on your newer machine to play music in the background. For added security, you can disconnect the machine permanently from the internet, so that your machine cannot be compromised with viruses and malware.

2. An older computer can be used to run older games and programs. Do you have some older copies of programs and games? Wouldn’t you like to relive the game, Oregon Trail? The likelihood of being able to run older software is much high on an older machine with an older operating system. Newer computers running Windows 7, or even XP, have issues running older software. It just makes more sense to have a separate, older computer running older programs.

3. An older computer can serve as a personal cloud server. Many sites like Google and Amazon already allow for free cloud space, but you usually have to pay monthly for anything over 5 GB. Imagine having 60GB+ of free cloud space just by hooking up your old laptop or desktop as a personal cloud server. That is a pretty solid reason to fix that old PC that has just been collecting dust.

4. An older laptop can be used in more risky situations. For example, if you have an older laptop that is in working condition, you can leave the house with it and not have to worry too much about it breaking, or getting stolen. If it does break or get stolen, it’s really not too big of a deal, because it was just going to collect dust otherwise. Other examples include: bringing it on a boat, carrying it up heights, having it in a backpack while bicycling, and traveling with it across long distances.

5. An older computer can be used in the event that your newer computer fails. This one is pretty obvious, but a lot of people seem to forget it. If your job or class requires you to have a computer, then a couple days getting your newer computer fixed will seem like an eternity. Do yourself a favor ahead of time and have your backup computer ready when you need it.

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